Some best video editing apps for windows

Some best video editing apps for windows

Hello, friends today on this topic I will tell you some of the best and the advanced video editing software that you can download online for free and also some of the video editing software are paid. So, read full Some best video editing apps for windows.

1.Windows Movie Maker: 

  • If you have not used any video editing software until today then Windows Movie Maker can be one of the best options for you. You can edit the movies whatever you like you can edit any videos for any pictures you like and you can do all the basic stuff with the help of Windows Movie Maker this software is one of the best software for the beginners.
  • Windows Movie Maker is made by windows company buy Microsoft and this software is totally free you will not have to pay any money for this



  • Camtasia video editing software is actually far better than Windows Movie Maker software because in this software you can get many more features much better features than Windows Movie Maker.
  • If you make video tutorials or education tutorials then this video editing software can help you a lot there are many features which a youtuber really needs.
  • There are so many video transition elements and many important things which you can have the software this is an advanced level software.
  • You can get a screen record facility in this software if you want to record your Windows screen or your Mac screen then you can use this video editing software.
  • The interface of this video editing software is very simple all the features are arranged in Orders and you will not have any problem to use this video editing software everything is arranged properly you will not get confused while using this video editing software.


3.power director:

CyberLink PowerDirector is one of the best video editing software that you can find in the market. Actually this software I use for a very long time and I have no issue with this software you can do all the basic things here but you will get many advanced level features in the software basically all that possible futures you’ll get and this software is really good for the YouTube video creators. I will suggest you download the software once in a life and use this and I am sure you will not have any problem regarding this software.

4.Sony Vegas:

Sony Vegas software is a professional software and this is a very good software and I have been using this for a month this software is really amazing you can see the effects on your photos or your videos and then you can apply the effect not like that you will apply the effect then you can see that how your photo looks like. So, how your video looks like? in this software before applying any effect on something you can see that how your video or your photo looks and after looking at it you can apply your filters or whatever you want this is actually a paid software and also many filmmakers use such kind of software.


5.Adobe Premiere Pro:

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best software that I have ever used this software is really good there are many features actually it is a professional level software video editing software and some of the Hollywood low budget films are made with the help of these Adobe Premiere Pro software this software is just amazing if you want to make high level and high-quality videos like professional videos I will tell you to buy the software and use it once in your life I am sure you will not leave this software any day this software may be a little hard or tough for the beginning or the beginner people but I am sure you will enjoy the software.


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