Unique Apple iPhone and ios apps

Unique Apple iPhone and ios apps

Do you know there is much application for ios which is absolutely free like Android apps? Today in this topic I will tell you some Unique Apple iPhone and ios apps that you don’t know that exist. So, lets us go.


Number 1:- Firefox focus application:-

The Firefox browser is an amazing application which always clears all the history record from your phone. Also, it has a very fast downloading speed capacity like UC browser also it is a light app. It requires an “operating system”. Now, you don’t have to clear or delete all the browsing history this app will do everything for you.

  1. iOS 11.0 or later.
  2. Compatible with iPhone 5s mobile phone.
  3. iPhone 6 mobile phone.
  4. iPhone 6 Plus mobile phone.
  5. iPhone 6s mobile phone.
  6. iPhone 6s Plus mobile phone.
  7. iPhone SE mobile phone.
  8. iPhone 7 mobile phone.
  9. iPhone 7 Plus mobile phone.
  10. iPhone 8 mobile phone.
  11. iPhone 8 mobile phone.

Number 2:- Vallum, the ios wallpaper application:

If you want any Full HD and high-resolution wallpapers then just Search inside vallum application I am sure you will find all the Full HD photos from here. Who do not want HD photos on their phone? So, this Vallum app will solve your problem. Now, whenever you want latest and HD photos just open the application and you can get all the photos.


Number:3- Socratic

This is the best App for “students”. If you have any problem with your books questions and answers then just click a photo of your questions and answers and you will get your answers instantly or as soon as possible. Now you do not have to go to the extra tuition and You do not have to worry and do not have to waste a lot of money. This app will solve all your of problems and will give you the exact result.

Number 4: UBME

It is the best social media app and helps you interact with people who are in your location. It scans your location and finds all your friends Instantly. This app is much better than FB or WhatsApp.


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