Tricky Whatsapp Features for Android 

Tricky Whatsapp Features for Android

In our day to day life, we receive many WhatsApp messages and without looking at it we can never say that who is messaging Us? But there is one hidden trick in WhatsApp that can help you to understand who is messaging you without Looking at your phone.

Today in this topic I will tell you some Tricky Whatsapp Features for Android. so stay with us.

In our busy life who is messaging us if we do not see the phone, we cannot tell. But now there is a WhatsApp facility where you can set the custom notification for your friends and for your families so that you can understand without looking at the phone.

For that, To change custom notification you have to go to your WhatsApp settings:-

  • Click the person from whom you want to receive the custom notifications.
  • Now go to settings and click the custom notifications.
  • when you have selected the custom notifications now you can see there is a new window that has opened now see the first option.
  • Use custom notifications, now select this option below the custom notification option to see the notification tone now select the notification tone and choose any ringtone for your friends on the family so that you can understand easily that who is messaging you.

Hide the last seen on Whatsapp:

To change the Last seen option:

  • You have to go to your settings.
  • After selecting settings go to go to privacy.
  • Then after selecting privacy you can see the last seen option click on that and select whatever option you want so that no one can see your last seen.


Hide media for Whatsapp in File manager:

Hide media we received many messages from our friends and families that we do not want to store this photos in our galleries for that if you do not want this photos to store in a Gallery for that you have to go to your settings:-

  • Go to File Manager select WhatsApp folder.
  • Select WhatsApp video or photos and rename it no save it and now hide the folder.

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