Make PC work faster

Make PC work faster

Everybody wants their computer should work a lot faster than the computer working right now. So, today on this topic I will tell you some easy and the best ways to Make PC work faster so stick to this topic.


1.Clear startup programs:

  • First and the most important thing is you should clear your startup programs this can be one of the most vital reasons for slowing down your PC.
  • It is same like killing the apps in your Android phone when you start your PC if you don’t close the apps or the software after using your PC then this software might slow down your computer so whenever you use your PC after using you should disable all the running apps.


2.Uninstall Unwanted Software:

You should always uninstall the programs that are useless to your computer if you find a program or any software that is totally useless immediately uninstall or change the program.


3. Using a lightweight antivirus:

  • If PC is always lying down there is a chance there are some malware inside your computer program so always try to scan your PC whenever it slows down.
  • There may be some hidden malicious files that are running on your computer program and maybe these files are the main cause for slowing down your PC.


4.Turn off Windows animation:

When you press the windows button on the keyboard you always see that the icons jump and fade out and comes in front of our screen this also can be one of the reasons to slow down your computer. So, try to turn off Windows animation you can find in the search bar of Windows.

  • You should select custom animation settings or let the computer decide settings.

5.Keep your PC up to date:

Always try to keep your software and your PC update because older versions of your Windows or older versions of your software can slow down your.


6. Turn off power saver option:

Do you know that power saver option can also slow down PC it actually sounds like bullshit but it is a fact turning on power saver option can literally slow down your PC it may be good for power saving but it is not really good for your computer it will slow down your PC. So, when you do not need this option to be turned on you should turn it off.


7.Formatting C drive:

Everybody knows that formatting the PC can make your PC works faster. So, within a year you should format the drives to keep the computer works faster.


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