Some of the best technical apps for 2018

Some of the best technical apps for 2018

Everybody wants new and best apps on the phone so, today on this topic I will tell you Some of the best technical apps for 2018.


Crypto watcher:

This app is probably the most interesting app that you can have on your phone.f From this app you can see all cryptocurrencies market price like Bitcoins and many more currencies and also you can check the prices of this currency. This app is free you will not have to pay for it.


Copy clipboard:

This is one of the most interesting apps that you can have on a phone. If you copy something for the first time it will remain copied but if you copy for the second time the first one that you have copied will be permanently removed now what this app will do is it will permanently store everything that you have copied.

Now by mistake, if your copied words permanently delete this app will bring the words back to your phone.


Grammarly keyboard:

Grammarly can be very useful for us if you do not know English grammar very properly or very nicely this app can help you a lot. t

  • This app will this app will correct all the grammatical mistakes that you have done.
  • Also, it will show all mistakes in front of you just have to tap the red color line and it will show the suggestion that you have to write.
  •  It will also improve your grammar skills.
  • It is a very good app for Students.

WhatsApp business:

We have already heard about WhatsApp but is very few people know that WhatsApp has another brother commonly known as WhatsApp business.

  • This app will manage your business contact list you can also remember your new customers in your business.
  • Also, it can automatically message them it has a new feature of automatically “message to your customers” for becoming a part of your business.


Tideo chat:

Have you ever done online chatting with customer care services if you have you done yet then you should know that live chat with any customer care service is commonly done by this app this app.

This app will instantly connect you with the customer care services and from this app you can ask everything if you have any questions or if you have any query you can chat with them live this app is totally free it requires no money.


Google keyboard:

This is one of the Unique apps that you should use in your day to day life. Sometimes we want to type some message but we don’t you want to type it so this app can help you a lot. Only you have to tell the messages this app will detect everything will convert the voice into text and you can send it to your friends and families.


Proton VPN services:

You have heard about VPN services already. There are many VPN services that you can find in the Play Store but this VPN service gives you best VPN Service.


Norton Cleaner:

There are many phone junk cleaners in the Google play store but Norton cleaner is the best cleaner ever.

  • This app is totally free of cost and it is totally lightweight it will clear all the junk files from your phone and it will make your phone works even faster.
  • Also, this app will give you all the suggestions related to your junk files and it will automatically detect all the junk particles and it will take it off make your phone work at it best position.


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