how to keep computer safe from virus

How to keep computer safe from virus

There are many people who use their computers and think the online world is totally safe. It is not that true. Using computer online can be very dangerous if you do not take the right decision before using it.

Here on this topic, I will tell you how to keep computer safe from virus.

 Keep operating system updated:

One of the most dangerous virus “WANNACRY” attacks that PC which doesn’t have any updated system. If your windows is not updated then there is 100% chance that your pc may get affected by the virus.

LINUX OS is much safe than Windows. People should use Linux but the bad thing is that Linux os cannot be used in the offices. All the school, colleges and offices are using windows os.


Try to use Macbook:

“Macbook” is much safer than windows. There are a few people who made viruses for ios/mac. So working on ios will make you feel safe also it will keep your important data safe.


Scan your external hard drives before using:

If you work in an office and have lots of data on your pen drive and you use it from one computer to the other then you should stop doing it.

People have very less idea how the virus can affect their pc. Use any “anti-virus to scan” the files before using it on your pc. Once your pen drive is virus free you then can use it on your computer.


keep strong Antivirus:

Your pc will be 100% at risk if your if you do not use any antivirus. It is a very crucial element of your pc. Viruses can steal all your personal information and can misuse your data. So try to use any antivirus you like.


Do not browse unwanted websites:

Not only pen drives and external hard drives can harm your pc but also a malicious website can also do equal damage to the pc. So try not to browse Web sites that do not have Http// or https//.


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