6 tips to save battery on Android phones

6 tips to save battery on Android phones

Now a days due to the high resolution and full HD display of phones causes full battery damage and the battery drains as soon as the user uses the mobile. 6 tips to save battery on Android phones

Today on this topic I will tell you best “6 tips to save battery on Android phones”. So let us start.

Tip number 1

6 tips to save battery on Android phones

Just go to your “Android phone settings” and open “apps” folder.  now you can see what “apps” are running. You can stop the apps or you can kill the apps. The apps which are “running unnecessarily” can reduce your battery level soon as they can. So try to kill those unwanted apps.

  1. Open settings.
  2. Apps.


Tip number 2

Try to turn off or Log out all the social media apps like facebook, twitter or WhatsApp so that it does not drain your phone battery. Also, log out your email/Gmail. Make sure that when your internet connection is on you should not receive any Notification yes if you want to receive the notifications go manually and receive it but not automatic.


Tip number 3

Try to turn unnecessary radios, wifi, and other wireless connectivity off so that it doesn’t drain your phone battery. And if you use the wireless connectivity make sure you complete your work as soon as possible.


Tip number 4

Try to use Power saving mode which you can get on your “Android phone” very easily. Just drag down your notification toolbar and there you can get the power saving mode area it can save 20-30% of your phone battery.


Tip number 5

One of the easiest ways to save mobile battery is Using a black color wallpaper. A few people know that Black wallpaper can reduce your battery drainage problem. so whenever you set wallpaper on your phone try to use black color wallpaper.

Tip number 6

Always uninstall your unwanted apps or update your apps because outdated apps can drain your battery power as soon as they can. So keep updated



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